Kitchen Must Haves: Grinders


These wonderful little gems are absolute SAVIOURS when it comes to cooking! They are my favourite things to add to almost ANY recipe.

First of all, there’s the Hot Chilli & Garlic Grinder stood on the left. This is great to add to pasta sauce, chilli and curry. It adds so much flavour and has your mouth tingling within a few cheeky twists!

Next to that there’s my favourite Garlic Grinder. I add garlic to everything! Well everything that garlic can possibly be mixed into! I mainly use this for pasta sauces, but I also use it for chopped tomatoes, curry and mince.

Third in line is the Black Pepper Grinder. Everybody loves a bit of black pepper! Especially on Italian dishes – which is mainly what I use it for!

And last but certainly (in my opinion) not least, is the Sea Salt Grinder. As I’ve mentioned before, I am rather partial to a fair bit of salt! I’m aware this is bad for me but it makes food taste soooo good. Now, because I’m a good little chef I use lo salt when I’m cooking, especially when I’m cooking for others as I don’t want them complaining when they have heart attacks from a salt overdose! However, if I add salt to food after it’s been cooked, I use my trusty Sea Salt Grinder, it’s very yummy.

I seriously recommend buying some of these, they can turn a dull, same-old, boring meal into a mouthwatering delicious dinner. (It’s true, ask my housemates!)

They also come very cheap. At 99p each you simply cannot go wrong!

So, get yourselves down to your local Home Bargains and invest in some of these cheeky little kitchen must haves!


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